Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Q: Are skins safe for my nintendo switch or switch lite?

A: Yes, our vinyl skins are safe for your switch. We use 3M, high performance removable vinyl specially formulated with patented adhesive for a bubble free installation. When you are ready to remove the vinyl, it will remove clean and free of residue and goo.

Q: Should I put a skin on my device?

A: Yes, wrapping your device helps protect all the different parts from minor scratches, dust, dirt and oils.

Q: Are the skins permanent?

A: No, our skins are easily removed. We use 3M removable vinyl.

Q: Will my case fit on top of the vinyl?

A: Our vinyl is very thin (very tough too), it's like a second skin for the device. Many cases will still fit over the skin. 

Q: How easy is it to apply?

A: Skins are simply to apply, simply peel it off the backing, position is on the device, apply pressure and that's it. Using a blow dryer helps the vinyl wrap around the device the best fit. 

Q: Is this a sticker?

A: Short answer yes. However it's a very high performing, premium vinyl that sticks to your device. We use the same "sticker" that many people wrap their very expensive cars with.

Q: Can I return my skin?

A: See our refund policy. 

Q: I bought the wrong skin size, what do I do?

A: See the exchange section in our refund policy.